Reuse old stuff to create new home decorations

Hey fellows! Are ready to see these creative recycling ideas that will make your home cozier? In this video, we will show you lots of egg shells and egg trays DIY ideas so don't forget to go shopping and buy yourself at least a dozen eggs 😅 You'll learn how to create a chair using egg trays which is actually a super simple DIY that anyone can do! All you need is to get 14-20 egg trays (the number depends on your height of course) and put them on top of each other!

By the way, if you want to paint your walls but are struggling to choose the best texture, check the broken broom hack - maybe you'll like this wall painting idea ;) That's pretty cool - you don't need to buy brushes or rollers, use your old broom and make your walls look amazing!

For those who love trendy glue gun crafts, we prepared some unusual crafts with plastic bottles, wood sticks, and other stuff that you can reuse!

00:46 - How to paint walls with a broom
01:01 - Creative DIY idea for home decor using a glue gun \u0026 eggshells
04:40 - Decorate your old mirror
08:46 - Create a chair from egg trays

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